May President’s Message

Hello Herbies!

Our weather is warming up and I am sure many of you are seeing the same things I am seeing in my garden. Some plants have abundant blooms and growth while other plants are bolting and nearing their end. Having time to spend in my garden is a challenge and not keeping up with weeding has allowed a few desirables to sprout up in surprise locations.

Unfortunately, I have to report that the Herb Festival tentatively scheduled for May is being postponed. We are looking for members to help out on our Festival Committee. If you are interested in helping out on the committee in any capacity, email me at Once a new date is established, we will announce it at our meetings and in upcoming newsletters. We are also looking for members who would be interested in helping out on a purchasing committee to look into opportunities for the association to purchase seeds and plants that can be sold at upcoming events. We know many of you like the opportunity to purchase items such as the saffron crocus bulbs we recently had at our meetings. Items like these are not readily available at local nurseries. We hope to make more items like these available to our members. If you have thought about getting more involved in Arizona Herb Association activities, now is the time to help out.


Julie DiMaria,