Besides getting to know other “herbies” there are many advantages to AHA membership. Because the AHA participates in garden fairs and home improvement shows during the planting season, there are often many unusual or hard-to-find herb plants for sale at AHA meetings (availability of herbs at meetings varies with the growing seasons) We may also order herbs to tie in with a speaker’s topic or the herb of the month.

In addition, the AHA carries a large selection of books on herb-related topics for sale at special events and meetings; most of these are discounted for members.

How To Join

AHA Annual Membership Dues

Or download a membership form: membership form

Membership dues in the Arizona Herb Association are $30.00 per year. Two household members at the same address may join for a total family membership of $40.00 and seniors (over 65) may join for $25.00. Membership applications and dues can be submitted at any monthly meeting or they can be mailed directly to the Arizona Herb Association.

Duties and Herbal Bucks

As a non-profit, educational organization, the AHA relies on its members to fulfill a variety of tasks. The Herbal Bucks Program has been instituted as a reward system for our volunteers to acknowledge their hard work. When you’ve earned Herbal Bucks, you may receive them either on the spot from the supervising herbie or at the monthly meetings. These Herbal Bucks can be spent within the AHA to purchase books, plants and other AHA products. Save them up or spend them right away – your choice.

Herbal Bucks cannot be accepted for membership dues. Board members and committee Chairs do not receive awards for their normal duties but will be rewarded for their own volunteer efforts. It is important to remember to sign in when you work a shift at a booth so that you can be credited with Herbal Bucks for your time.